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Our Services


Deregistering your car can be a tedious and confusing process if you do not know who to speak to. But it doesn’t have to be! 

Delivering a positive deregistration process for all of our customers is at the forefront of Chuan Machinery’s mind. To find out the current value of your car or enquire on the deregistration process, call us at 6684 8832 or follow our 4 simple steps to deregister your vehicle. For more information, you may also visit our FAQs page.


Chuan Machinery has had extensive experience in the export of cars. Partnering with a strong network of dealers and exporters, we are constantly refreshing our inventory to provide our customers with a wide selection of passenger and commercial vehicles and parts. Our stock includes but are not limited to popular makes from Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Mercedes, Audi, BMW.

At Chuan Machinery we make sure that the vehicles exported are in good condition. As vehicles arrive, our team inspects them and remove and recycle vehicle fluids and hazardous materials. Engines are placed on pallets and materials are wrapped to prevent damages.

Call us today to personalised your own shipment!




At Chuan Machinery, we recycle some resalable items and are resold at affordable prices.




Beyond our nature of business, Chuan Machinery partners with industry partners to bring a holistic automotive solutions to car owners. Supported by a team of professionals, Westpoint Automotive Solutions Pte Ltd is the one-stop workshop for your car. Westpoint Automotive Solutions Pte Ltd range of services includes car servicing and maintenance, tyre rotation and balancing and car washing and polishing.


For enquiry and reservations, please contact 9898 9829. Alternatively, you can email your enquiries to [email protected] or book through their Facebook page.